July 15/16 Schedule Updates

We have not announced schooling times yet as there is rain in the forecast Friday.  We may make schooling later on Saturday if we get a lot of rain.  As we all know the weather can change drastically over the next few days, so once we have a better feel we will post Saturday’s schooling time on the Mid-America Combined Training Association’s Facebook page.

Please come to stadium dressed and ready to go xc as we will send you out onto the xc course very soon after you complete stadium.  Please also be ready for stadium towards the start of your stadium time designation listed on the schedule.

If anyone can help us set up dressage and stadium on Saturday, and help us re-load stadium jumps onto the trailer at the end of Sunday we would be greatly appreciative.  If we have enough hands, we have it down to a 15-20 minute pick up time to get stadium back on the trailer after stadium stops. Please, please offer to help out.


Ride Times


Thank you! See you this weekend!