New Membership Opportunities Announced

MACTA has made some significant changes to the membership benefits and membership tiers available for the 2018 season.

MACTA members have always enjoyed discounts, now the discounts are even more substantial.  In just one weekend, your MACTA membership nearly pays for itself!  Consider the savings over a full season!  MACTA has 6 scheduled schooling weekends in 2018.


 Non-MemberMemberMember SavingsOver Full Season
XC Schooling$60$40$20$120
Horse Trial$125$70$55$330
Combined Test$80$60$20$120
Dressage Test$30$20$10$60


Equestrian professionals are now eligible for a Professional Membership.  Professional Members a reduced membership fee and  receive the full discounts and benefit of MACTA Bucks but are not eligible for Year End Awards. Equestrian professionals who wish to be eligible for Year End Awards may still choose the Individual Membership option instead if they so choose.


Learn more about the benefits of MACTA membership and the membership levels available.