ribbons4Starter Novice- Preliminary Level Year End Awards!

The Mid-America Combined Training Association has recognized Horses of the Year for USEA Recognized levels of competition since its inception in 1977. In 2014 in an effort to recognize the future of our sport, MACTA began presenting Horse of the Year Awards at Starter Novice.

MACTA Horse of the Year Awards are presented at the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet each spring.

Prior to 2014, points were awarded for MACTA sponsored schooling shows as well as USEA recognized events throughout the country. In an effort to recognize our competitors who support our local events, the point system was changed in 2014. Year End Awards are now presented from Starter Novice through Preliminary Level. Points are earned only at MACTA sponsored events (MACTA Schooling Shows and USEA Recognized Heritage Park Horse Trials).


  • Rider must be a MACTA member in good standing at the time the points are earned. Points are not retro-active.
  • Eligible competitions: MACTA Schooling Shows, USEA Recognized Heritage Park Horse Trials.
  • Awards will be presented to Starter Novice through Preliminary level
  • Horse must earn points in a minimum of 2 MACTA sponsored events to be eligible for awards
  • Riders are no longer responsible for submitting their results, but are required to audit standings prior to November 1st, 2019. Submit inquiries to:

ribbons2MACTA Point System

MACTA Horse Trial
1st: 10  2nd: 8  3rd: 6  4th: 4  5th: 2  6th: 1

MACTA Combined Test
1st: 5  2nd: 4  3rd: 3  4th: 2  5th: 0.5

MACTA Dressage Test
1st: 3  2nd: 2  3rd: 1  4th: 0.5

USEA Heritage Park Horse Trial
1st: 20  2nd: 16  3rd: 12  4th: 8   5th: 4  6th: 2

Direct inquiries to Cynthia Wiseman prior to November 1st, 2019. No changes will be made after this date.